Mobocracy or Democracy in Mumbai

Respectful Kangana Ranaut Ji, Everyone calls her out of the respect she truly has earned by her outstanding courage alike the great Rani Jhansi Bai (a role she has played on-screen) is the living example why lady deity Durga Mata is worshipped in India.

It is unfortunate that today rabble-rousers manipulate with words people and misguided people they conveniently state themselves as followers of Chhatrapati Shivaji the great who was a nationalist and wanted the Mughals out of India and to create a nation of integral human beings and not divide it away as a state Maharashtra in the present state of conditions.

It is noteworthy that Chhatrapati Shivaji the great had immense respect for ladies, the great mother Jija Bai if alive would have admonished such pretentious hypocrites out of patronage and would have probably not be appeased by the acts lately displayed by these so-called followers.

Why they do so? To appease misguide and instigate people against the whistleblower. Time the people realised that sitting and ordering and using the power of other people to fight is not bravery but cowardice unparalleled and being used in vogue.

“Samana “was the paper that “late Bala Saheb Thackeray ji “ had promoted for truth, unfortunately their descendants stand misguided by circumstances or few boot licking people, they need to return and continue the rich legacy of wisdom and truth, God will bless them soon.

Those addicts womanisers & supporting system are silent as they say “ Truth makes one extremely brave “. The country has gained a leader, for times ahead as democracy stand challenged by mobocracy.

Dear Citizens of the country India and particularly the state of Maharashtra

Mumbai has been India’s commercial capital – where everything sells and everything can be bought. So it stands proved, and thus anyone who breaks the chain is a disturbance of the nefarious circuit.

It’s very unfortunate to see vindictive action instead of balanced behaviour seems the authoritative figures are agitated and have forsaken political wisdom and preferred to arouse fear and strengthened with insanity stained themselves, thinking that suppression will set precedence. Unfortunately, I feel as a psychologist that excess transforms to the volcano.

Time has come, when the wise must realise that silence is never golden but is alike a white sheet inside a coffin. We all have a different head and probably a different blood type circulating through those thin veins, yet it is evidently clear that we breathe alike and wish to live not only for self but for our children as well and for a tomorrow that is blessed with sunshine.

We saw celluloid heroes presenting themselves as stars and superstars, the fighter who championed for rights by fighting in the screen – well projected in the theatres. Yet in real life they sadly influence the next generation by hypocritical examples and triggering a nefarious process that may spark the watching generation to endeavour and experiment, thus becoming a captive to the devastating phenomenon of drug addiction to self-annihilation.

None except two came forward with courage, one was killed as it seems for said by many though declared as suicide named “ SSR “ and the other is lady tiger “ Kangana Ranaut “ who has come forward as a whistleblower against the drug Mafia gang.

Why are the leaders of Shiv Sena getting agitated when Kangana ji is talking about negative practices of Bollywood and drugs ? Whereas they as politicians should respect that she is doing them a favour to save all citizens – the Manush including “Marathi Manush “from addiction which is destroying families. Why?

We all dream of happiness, that keeps us away from those painful shades that the few maddened pursue and impact addiction to give wings to their profession.

What keeps us silent is fear of death, but we are already dead to the cries of innocents in the neighbourhood. How far is this menace from our innocent children? We know not as we prefer to ignore the multiplying malady, yet a small thought of how they may suffer send shivers down our body and does inspire us to fight to safeguards our children from such eventualities. For the fear now faces us at a point-blank position for the in-vogue practice is mandatory for peer group conformity. Now as the storm stands exposed, the scrupulous get together to sweep the unmanageable dust under the carpet away from the eyesight of overburdened benches of law by the suave and incorrigible jugglers who are mesmerising magicians whom we call the smart lawyers.

Howling fear knocks everyone’s house door, as unanimously the major section of the populace stands silent as they know not how to fight these united mobs who plan to ransack democracy by strong harangues, claiming their act to be an act of democracy. Silence transforms majority to minority, and the hired minority sings an aggressive war cry to insure a wail later, wail shaded with enormous agony that promises to remain unheard yet soon will pierce through into every four walls, that we call our home.

History has been witness that whenever greed and lust overpowered wisdom, we became victims, and our skeletons remained unburied. What do we fight? Whom do we fight? Why should we fight?…and answer resonates we all want to live & move on to see our young ones prosper – our nourished seeds that would one day became our caretakers, the baton holders in the relay race. We all know probably it may not happen – is it civilisation or some disillusioned few leading us to our graves.

Stressed, frustrated and deprived are being hired to disguise as a representation of people and all the secular stars, superstars, writers prefer to lie silent in their deep burrows as they recognise it is real life and not a befooling game of silver screen .

Leaders have transformed to rabble-rousers as they have forgotten the art to inspire harmony but to instigate belligerence, they know not cooperation and prefer operation, they prefer not to admit their human errors as they submit that they are the law. So a new chapter stands enforced -the chapter of demagoguery conveniently addressed as democracy.

The scrupulous know well, how to make money by selling false dreams and then sponsoring mobs to claim it as social justice to tandem with people’s emotion and challenge the few in journalism or who dare to come forward to agree to their terms in the name of the legacy of a great hero the great Maratha who was well known for his wise endeavours and unlike them desired to unite India and not divide them into states.

Alike the mob all stand threatened to applaud, designated as silent onlookers who should and must clap to well-conspired antics appearing as murders, enforced addiction, treasure hunt, orchestrated music show by a hideous conductor and of course the climax -insight of the real world -to later forget and move on with our daily chores with a murmur – GOD SAVE – THE WORLD.