Model Tammy Hembrow Makes a Big Revelation about Famous Athletes

Australian Instagram and Fitness model Tammy Hembrow revealed on the latest episode of her ‘Hanging with the Hembrows’ podcast that a complete sports squad invaded her inbox.

Tammy has over ten million followers on Instagram, she said she receives many direct messages with intimate overtones. The mother of two said: “I swear to God, every single athlete in the world has slipped into my DMs,” 

The social media starlet took things a step further when she read an anonymous DM from an unnamed athlete on air saying, “Are you still with yours? Asking for a friend.”

Hembrow then claimed the athlete’s whole team had contacted her on the Instagram. “Everyone who’s on that whole team has messaged me,” she added.

Undoubtedly Hembrow Instagram is the most heated up account with hundreds of steamy posts. The Australian babe has rocked her account with numerous hot bikini pictures that leaves the audience very little to the imagination, and why not she puts a lot of hard work to keep her body in shape.