Modi – India’s brand ambassador

The ‘Howdy Modi’ event that took place at the NRG Stadium in Houston, and had a massive 50,000 Indian Americans in attendance. The audience at the event consisted of American politicians of every affiliation, from Bureaucrats to CEOs and founders of many American and Indian companies. According to reports, it was the largest gathering that was governed by a visiting elected foreign leader in the US, after Pope in the past. 

PM Narendra Modi, who is a firm believer of personal branding, branding and communication has taken brand India to the world via ‘Howdy Modi’ event. Was this just another event or an extension of the persona of PM Modi into the lives of people? 

‘Howdy Modi’ is not an isolated event, Modi has had many such event in the past as well, which initially started at home, with “Vibrant Gujarat” and then there were many in a row. Modi strongly understands the power of communication.

The event was totally centred on Modi, showcasing him as a world leader of significance and noteworthiness, a global leader with global concerns like terrorism and climate change, the leader representing the largest democracy in the world. The event talked of an India in the right hands! 

Through Howdy Modi—Brand Modi bestowed Brand India with responsible cues while talking on issues of global concern. The establishment of Brand India in the minds of Indians within the country, amongst the audience in the US and other parts of the world, that also includes non-Indian audiences, is the positive outcome of the event called ‘Howdy Modi’. What others couldn’t ever achieve, Modi has already achieved through the clever tools of branding. Therefore, “Howdy Modi” can be credited as an event offering far more benefits to Brand India than it does to just Brand Modi. And that’s a great deal. For a change, India has a powerful brand ambassador who is its prime minister!

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