Modifying PDF on Windows with iTop PDF

You can surely access a few devices in the modern technological globe to easily complete your reading and editing. iTop PDF can help with this situation. To make your job easier, iTop PDF grants you a licence that allows you to freely edit, view, safeguard, annotate, and convert your PDF reports.

Overall, it is the best solution ever for you to create flawless records and successfully convert them into many document styles, such as Succeed, Text, PPT, Picture, Word, and so on. No matter if you want to use a PDF file for personal or for business, you can consider this software.

With most devices and elements, the point of interaction is substantial and visible for increased comfort. The PDF works well because of its natural and clear user interface. It also has a Microsoft Office toolbar (in strip form) for quick action. The records are swiftly placed in this so you may start and improbably complete the task. Isn’t that amazing?

How Can I Use iTop PDF To Change PDF?

The use of iTop PDF does not require any advanced science. It’s about as easy as robbing a kid of their candy. You can quickly advance it by doing so in the following manner:

  • Open iTop PDF after you have downloaded and installed it.
  • Currently, you can open your PDF files by clicking the device labelled “Alter PDF” on the top sheet.
  • Currently, you can edit your PDF documents without totally converting them to Word or another format; just make the necessary changes directly in the PDF file. Utilise iTop editing tools: You can change text, add text, and refresh text styles while selecting different options from the list of arrangements. Additionally, when changing, you can add a bookmark, add a link, or add your watermark.
  • Finally, save the modified PDF by giving it a name and clicking “Save.”

Essentials of iTop PDF

iTop PDF includes a wide range of powerful features in addition to changing highlights. iTop PDF is a compact yet powerful PDF tool that can help you modify, hide, and manage PDF pages as well as help you protect your PDF files. Let me now give you some serious information about iTop PDF.

Intuitive User Interface and Efficient Use

iTop PDF excels at creating convenience and harmony between aspects. Additionally, the Microsoft Office toolbar offers you a simple-to-use interface for managing various PDF reports.

A Rapid PDF Reader & Editor

To improve significance, it is preferable to alter the pages’ size and format. You can also use the read more option while browsing the PDF archive to enhance your comprehension. Additionally, the drug can be quickly located. Additionally, you can save that particular information for later use.

Utilizing carefully thought-out tools, you can completely divide, pack, and combine PDF records, whatever their components. Additionally, you can design a fantastic, fashionable mark and alter the standard watermark to best fit your requirements.


As a top PDF editor and reader, iTop PDF enables you to publicly edit PDF documents and add images, stamps, justifications, watermarks, and text. Important features like Supplement, Harvest, Turn and Concentrate also aid in organizing records. Additionally, you can use passwords to protect the sensitive information on such records.