Mompreneur Lady Charlotte Armstrong juggles Board Rooms and Babies

Juggling five children, wondering how this powerful woman multi-business owner did it? Read on to know more. 

To only speak about attaining one’s dreams is all too easy, but to go out there under the grind, fail, get up, fail again and gather one’s courage to start all over again needs guts and vigour. Yes, this sounds too daunting, but it is something successful people have done it. People who choose to face challenges head-on and take on as many responsibilities as possible without the fear of failure can go ahead in making their mark at the highest of the peaks in the world. The success that these individuals eventually gain automatically imprints their name in the most celebrated professionals and entrepreneurs of the world. Readying herself to do the same with her immaculateness and excellence is Lady Charlotte Armstrong, the best example of a mompreneur juggling board rooms and babies.

Women are known across the world as powerful human beings who can manage and take up any responsibility and fulfil all their duties without batting an eye. They are superheroes in their own right, and Lady Charlotte proves that with great panache and perfection. She is a great advocate of female empowerment, and her businesses and brands are also directed towards the same. For example, one of her ventures, “LIP © Ladies in Power” ((, is a female empowerment community that offers downloadable content with the solid aim to help ladies worldwide understand who they are and find their power through a positive mindset, energy and motivation. Another venture of hers is “Too Glam HQ” ((, which offers biodegradable diamond dust hair products. 

Lady Charlotte reveals that while she was pregnant with her 5th baby during the pandemic, she began LIP © Ladies In Power as she felt the urge to connect with other women juggling home, lockdowns, schooling, and business. She is a modern woman who has created a modern life for her as a versatile talent, acing the game of business, while being a mother and an actress as well.

She is a massive believer in the law of attraction and knows how to turn adversity into positivity. The entrepreneur on the rise is also highly influenced by strong female role models, but since she couldn’t find one place for females to find mindset and motivation, she created LlP©.

Lady Charlotte has made it huge by building 7-figure companies and has emerged as a self-made mompreneur, juggling board rooms and babies. Check out her Instagram @itsladycharlotte to know more.