MRG Apartments lead the short term rentals industry in Bucharest

Enjoy a beautiful weekend in MRG Apartments with your family and friends. Staying in a place where you have not spent a considerable amount of time in order to get apt knowledge about is a risky decision. But this is not the same with the best option available for you. Explore a new world of luxury and facilities in these homes. These are designed for your comfort. The luxury furnished apartments have a lot to offer.

There are innumerable reasons that will intensify your love for the place and thereby will persuade you to access the accommodation in regim hotelier. So instead of forming misconceptions about something, you should check the details online when you are going for booking. 

Offers hygienic accommodation

All the hotels have to focus on appropriate cleaning and sweeping. They must know cleaning products are suitable for their sweeping needs. They need to hire a professional service for accurate cleaning jobs. 

After the spread of coronavirus, hotels and other places have just started to open. We all know some people are still afraid of traveling because of the global pandemic, but there are times when they are bound to do so. So for those people, apartments are providing the best conditions to stay in. 

Major reasons for people staying in MRG apartments: 

Some of the most important reasons why people visit Bucharest are:

  • They go over there for a job/work-related purpose.
  • They are there to take a break from their daily routine.
  • They have to meet someone in Bucharest.
  • They need to attend a meeting.

How hotels attract their clients: 

Drawing in more guests to an apartment is the objective of every apartment owner. After COVID 19, it has become harder, so apartment use some special strategies to attract more tourists. 

Offer discounts

What’s a more tempting way of accepting more guests than offering them some discounted deals? Almost all of the good accommodation is using this strategy to attract customers to their hotels. Offering a free spa, swimming hours, complimentary breakfast, etc. helps you in getting more guests at your hotel. 

They either advertise about it on their website or on social media. This way it reaches the maximum number of people, and anyone is planning to go to the city will be preferring to stay at their apartment in order to get most of their money and time into good use.  

Target their audience: 

Every apartment owner knows his potential customers and their needs. For example, nowadays all of the guests and customers would be looking for their place of stay to be very clean and disinfected.


So regim hotelier Bucuresti uses this strategy to attract more people towards their apartments. They display all the protocols and SOPs that they are following on their official website. This shows how they are taking all the necessary preventive measures against coronavirus because they really care about their guest’s protection. This is an important strategy of most of the apartment owners for attracting their customers. 

Siddharth Sharma

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