Multifaceted Singer, Wingman Releases An Enchanting Music Video “F Up My Life”

Wingman releases his new music video named “F Up My Life”. The track features Wingman singing in the studio setup, followed by Wingman jumping out of an airplane. Through the “F Up My Life” music video, the artist tries to bring the most positive message to life by demonstrating his ability to bounce back. 

“F Up My Life” has made a resonant mark rhetorically. While the synth melody indirectly complements the attractive, vibrant colors of the video’s set lights. 

Speaking about the video, Wingman said, “I was beginning to change my attitude about not being happy with my situation. I said: Alright, I’ll just burn it all down and start over, simply because I’m in the mood.”

“F Up My Life” presents a unique blend of rap, pop, and electronic. Wingman wrote “F Up My Life” during the lockdown while he was in quarantine. The artist wanted to create a piece that can inspire people who feel low due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic and motivate them. While the video quality is impressive, it is the sound of “F Up My Life” that truly captures the audience’s attention.

Wingman is a multifaceted singer who is well-known for creatively incorporating his skills as a pilot into his songs. In his first video, “Weird New Feelings,” he takes viewers on a private plane ride around the Los Angeles area. While in his newest single, “F Up My Life,” he pretends to jump out of a plane stylishly.

About Wingman:

Wingman is Los Angeles-based pilot’s stage name, who made his musical debut last year with the music album named “Weird New Feelings.” Wingman was always passionate about music. As a kid, he used to create beats. Artists like Flume and Kasbo always inspired him. Wingman dabbled with rapping over electronic beats. He is excited to continue sharing more of his stories with his fans through his distinct sound and storytelling.

“F Up My Life” is now available on YouTube and other major platforms. You can follow Wingman on Instagram @wingman for more information on his upcoming projects.