MY$AK Talks His Latest Single “Hold Up”

Oleksii Mysak, known professionally as MY$AK, is a rapper, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer from Vinnytsia, Ukraine. As he says, “Everything I’ve achieved in music is because of dedication and work ethic”. Starting off with a headset microphone and some free recording software, Oleksii built up his musical abilities day by day, investing his every dime back into music. This way he managed to create a home studio and provide us with high-quality songs.

It’s been a month since MY$AK released his debut album, and now, he pops back with a fresh Hip-Hop/R&B single “Hold Up”. Wonderful melody mixed with Oleksii’s impressive vocal range turned out to be brilliant, which definitely deserves a spot in your playlist.

Speaking of Oleksii’s goals — they are pretty clear. Being an underground musician is a huge pressure, as you’re always in search of creative ways to get recognition, but Oleksii manages to maintain a magnificent productivity level and stay focused on his career. “Every young artist is hungry for success, and so am I. If you’re not hungry, then you should quit” — MY$AK

To know more about MY$AK follow him on Instagram: @itsmysak and you can listen to MY$AK – Hold Up: