Natanya Ross, 90’s icon, re-emerges

Actress and model Natanya Ross was an icon in the 1990s. Natanya Ross had been in the Hollywood spotlight since her first appearance on TV as a child. She starred on the hit TV show The Secret World of Alex Mack and Boy Meets World, acted alongside A-list celebrities, and was a staple on the young Hollywood scene. But after her bout with addiction, Natanya retreated from public life to focus on helping others battling their own addiction. Now she is reemerging into Hollywood again as an actress, producer, and influencer.

As a celebrity influencer, Natanya is quickly picking up sponsored brand deals with major companies. Natanya began working with Posh Media in 2021. Natanya is available for appearances, events, and influencer marketing. Acting is her first love and she is currently auditioning for projects.

Natanya is working on her memoir about being raised in Hollywood. “I’m hoping for a release date by the middle of next year”, she states.

Natanya spends much of her time helping the unhoused community in Los Angeles in an effort to get people off the street and into newly built tiny homes communities.

Follow Natanya Ross on Instagram @natanyaross for more updates and news.

* Article Authored By Jessamyn Dodd

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