NBA & WNBA Agent Eddie Kim : On Self-Doubt & Overcoming It

Growing up as a student-athlete, Eddie received a Division I swim scholarship to the United States Military Academy. He ultimately received his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Southern California while also completing USC’s Army ROTC program. Upon graduation, Eddie was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the California Army National Guard, serving as a Human Resources Officer. He finished serving in the rank of Captain in the US Army Reserve as a Career Management Officer.

Eddie has spent several years as a high school head swim coach, founder of USA Swimming non-profit program, and as a US Army officer. During this time he decided to continue his education, enrolling in graduate school at Central Michigan University. Eddie graduated in May 2019 where he received a Master’s degree in Administration in Leadership and Organizational Development. 

Eddie founded Big Game Management Inc., in 2018 and is a certified NBA, WNBA, FIBA, and Major League Soccer agent. Since starting his own agency, Eddie has worked with various recording artists ranging from local rappers to Korean Pop and Hip-Hop stars, models, radio stations, mainstream artists, Olympic Sports athletes and various film projects and owning his own apparel line. His commitment to excellence has put him in position to represent, guide and mentor artists, entertainers and athletes as they follow their dreams.

Thoughts on Self-Doubt 

Something that inspires Eddie is overcoming self-doubt. He acknowledges that it is a natural human reaction. He cites a quote from the show The Office, when Jan states to Pam that there are a million reasons why not to do something. Eddie has experienced self-doubt as an athlete first-hand, and was able to coach and advise individuals with their self-doubt as a head swim coach and as a US Army officer. The advice he gives anyone who is experiencing self-doubt, is to remember that the belief of one’s self will outweigh anyone else’s belief in you. He attributes his success to his Faith, his parents, his sister, and his inner circle, but also credits his belief in himself and his hard work.

The three biggest accomplishments in Eddie’s life that he states were based on his own bet on his work ethic.

In chronological order, first, is his opportunity to attend and compete for the US Military Academy NCAA Division I swim team, as a Korean-American.

Second, he said he was graduating and commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army out of the University of Southern California Army ROTC program. He explains that this was more of a comeback than an accomplishment, due to him leaving and transferring out of the United States Military Academy, and being a NCAA Division 1 “bounce-back”. He expresses that during his time in between USMA and USC, is when he endured rumors and negative outside noise, but that did not really bother him, however it was the disappointment from his relatives and former teammates and friends. It was during this difficult time, Eddie pivoted on his life and his mindset moving forward with his life.

Lastly, he gives credit to his last accomplishment as a swim coach to his longest standing swimmer Colin Geer, University of Michigan signee and the #3 ranked swimmer in the state of California. Eddie specifies that his coaching journey of eight years with Colin, is what affirmed his ability to coach and develop athletes from a mental and spiritual standpoint and not just the physical development. Colin, himself was a late-blooming athlete, and had to endure doubts about his own swim career during pre-and-early teen years after a fast start as a youth, but Colin also credits that Eddie’s loyalty and belief in him is what kept him to continue his journey in a strong mindset. Eddie also states that one of his biggest regrets in life was not closing his athletic career as he hoped for and that it just ended abruptly, but Eddie said Colin was able to let him close the swimming chapter of his own life with no regrets and knowing he put his heart and soul into the sport he grew up with his way.

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