New York Rapper Dre Mckfly Going Viral

I rep hard for Long Island, but the talent is talent! This artist spotlight is all about New York rapper, Dre MckFly.

In just three years, he’s gone from rapping for fun to rapping for a career and creating his own label called Manifesting Millions Records.He began at the age of 22, and like most new rappers, he made social media his best-friend by posting his freestyles and music videos. This helped begin a buzz about a new rapper with brutally honest, and beyond truthful lyrics about Philly and his upbringing.

With that being said, he still wants you all to know that he isn’t just any instagram rapper. He’s passionate about is music and he’s doing more than just 60 second takes. He’s dropped 5 projects in his short time in the game.

Obviously, East coast natives could relate to him, and respected what he was saying. They let there support be known when he recently won Best Rap Artist at the New York Hip Hop Awards. He let that win give him a new boost of energy to help him create his most recent and most notable project, All Substance – EP.

From his start in 2016 to now in 2019, Dre MckFly has collectively surpassed over 1 million plays on SoundCloud and 800k views on YouTube. Based on the lyrics, he has a story to tell and he’s captivated an audience ready to listen.