Nick Nittoli, songwriter and producer for Snoop Dogg, French Montana releases artist project

Nick Nittoli, a songwriter and producer for artists like Snoop Dogg, Bianca Ryan, Neon Hitch, YG, French Montana, & Fabian Mazur is now doing his own music. Taking the reins as an artist, Nittoli has released 9 studio albums and his music could be considered controversial, political, and very unique. Songs like “place for us” which discusses life after death and where we go when we leave this life, and “Someone” which talks about people wanting to be someone other than themselves, are perfect examples.

Nittoli pulls on the emotional heartstrings of America with his deep and bass driven production, while singing a soft chorus, and rapping hard bars that slap you in the face. Nittoli, who signed to Bump Into Genius/Warner Chappell in 2017, has since been releasing youtube music videos which are gaining in views and attention, while still producing for other artists. Nittoli also is producing, and writing his own project, as well as directing his own music videos. Since leaving the Bravo reality competition “Platinum Hit” in 2011, Nick has made quite a splash in the music industry, producing and writing for various artists in multiple genres.


For his artist project, Nittoli prides himself on writing and producing in various genres as well. He has released a country album, an R & B album, and has proved his hip hop skills by becoming one of the top rappers on Spotify and iTunes today. Nittoli also has reached the charts with his music, charting in the Metal charts, R & B charts, and the Hip Hop charts with three different tunes. His songwriting skills could be traced back to his grandparents who co-wrote the Frank Sinatra song “Here’s To The Band”. What is next up for Nittoli?


He has a new album interestingly titled ” Self Untitled” which drops in August, as well as a new music video for his song “Charlie Sheen” which is a bar filled rap song which mentions the “Major League 2” star Charlie Sheen. Writing and producing his own music, Nittoli has been one of the most consistent stars on the rise, releasing the most music out of any upcoming artist, and putting out the most content including music videos, interviews, Instagram posts etc.

His music has only been out for a short time but in that time he has racked up millions of views on youtube, millions of Spotify plays and the future for Mr. Nittoli is looking bright! We will just have to stay tuned to see whats next

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