No One Cares – Air Pollution in India kills 1.25 Million People Every Year

One of my biggest dreams in life is to leave this nation as soon as possible, No I am not a criminal, nor I am looking for better career opportunities in abroad, I want to breathe clean air. 

Maybe not everyone can understand the real value and meaning of clean air, but the fact is according to the WEF report 1.25 million people are killed by air pollution in India every year.

Your life is hell when you are suffering from asthma, lungs or heart-related disease, and you have to breathe this smoke-filled air 24/7. 

Not just this Environmental Research explained that tiny air pollution particles make their way up to the brainstems of young people where they accumulate. These same nanoparticles have been “intimately associated” with the molecular damage that serves as a hallmark for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer. 

There is already so much of air pollution because of industries and vehicles, and someone in your neighbourhood is making sure we breathe worst of the air. Unfortunately, Indian loves burning especially in North India – farmers love stubble burning whereas some in the neighbourhood love burning garbage and waste because for most of educated and illiterates Swachh Bharat only means clean surface, not clean air.  

I wish someone like Arnab Goswami speaks about air pollution and educate the nation because our politicians and administration is too busy doing other things. 1.2 million deaths in a year is not a small number, it is bigger than Covid-19 and #JusticeForSSR; it is about every one of us and everyone around us. But as this subject is not entertaining, nor related to vote bank and not even associated with any financial benefits, so no one is going to talk about it.

And if you also think that Air Pollution is a big problem and we all must play our part in solving the problem than please stop burning garbage, dry leaves and educate people around you and most importantly shares news and article about air pollution on your social media so more and more people knows about it with hashtag #IWantToBreatheCleanAir #AirPollution