NutriSyn: A Natural Relief from Stress and Nerves

The ongoing pandemic has not been kind to the average person, as the world falls out of equilibrium and the consequences follow. Suffocation from financial constraints and the loss of loved ones combined with the intricate balance of relationships, work obligations, and family are the perfect cocktail for mental unrest. For many, the relentless anxiety and stress are not symptoms of an anxiety disorder diagnosis but the result of isolation, quarantine, and destabilization. As such, medications cannot be the solution. 

This is where NutriSyn, a producer of natural calming serums and other natural products, step in. 

NutriSyn approaches stress relief with a scientific and holistic foundation. This company seeks to help individuals relieve their stress with a silky, buttery serum applied directly to the skin. Created with the intention to be an experience that users enjoy, Nutrisyn does not feel like a chore to do, unlike remembering medications. 

Many calming serums in the market are orally ingested and rely on the active ingredients passing through the GI tract to achieve results successfully. In contrast, NutriSyn does not depend upon ingesting products that require time to work.

 “Our calming serum is novel, clinically backed, and is both easy and pleasant to use. It creates a quick and noticeable effect and can actually have cumulative benefits.” A NutriSyn spokesperson explains, “Also no dependency. It works by promoting calm and relaxation in two key areas on the body that then trigger overall calming. It secondarily works through olfactory reception of specific essential aromas that are known to create a sense of calm.” 

Other health factors accompany elevated stress levels, for instance, continuous sleep deprivation or trouble with falling asleep, perhaps even bouts of insomnia on particularly restless nights. NutriSyn’s calming serum provides a solution to all of this and more. 

“The response from test subjects has been that when used before bed, our serum seems to help them get to sleep easier, wake up less and wake up refreshed. Importantly, a common comment was that many users tend to wake up in the middle of the night, and can’t turn their thoughts off so they are up for hours. The use of the serum in this situation seems to help reduce unwanted and persistent thoughts and worries and many users said they could go back to sleep in about 30 minutes.” 

It is evident, then, that NutriSyn’s calming serum is not a singularly focused product. Stress does not only exist during daylight; it can influence many aspects of daily life.  

“Our products are actually designed for both people who need relaxation and stress reduction during the day and night. Since we are not trying to treat a symptom, but rather help foster a better physical ability to relax, let go of stress; the calming serum is multi­faceted.” 

“There is a huge need for calming products as virtually half of the population have anxiety, stress, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and trouble sleeping. As per a conversation with our board certified psychiatrist, it was clear of both the need for something safe and effective.” A NutriSyn spokesperson explains, “The fact is that access to pharmaceuticals is becoming less common due to concern about side effects and their addictive nature. We also feel that as a topical and not needing to be ingested, our calming serum may help with teenagers for both calming and focus.” 

Teenagers, in particular, would benefit from such a product. Research shows that Gen-Z reports the highest levels of stress and anxiety. These reports can be attributed to the pandemic and the subsequent loss of social life balance, lack of optimism for the future, and a need for a two-person income to sustain households. With Nutrisyn being natural, holistic, and research-backed, younger generations will feel more comfortable about using them. 

“We use synergistic/complementary ingredients that have been well established in clinical research. The approach is very holistic as it is vital to support the entire biology related to a function.” 

NutriSyn’s holistic approach is also in accordance with the newest trends in the industry. “In supporting the body holistically there is much less chance of any side effects, dependency, or tachyphylaxis (rebound effects or getting used to an isolated ingredient {think caffeine} that becomes less effective the longer you use it.”

NutriSyn is confident that its products can help many people and are hopeful about the future. “In ten years, I would see Nutrisyn as a significant force for improving people’s physical and mental lives. It will have a limited but logical product range to help with all manner of health concerns and be an integral part of countless stories of a better quality of life.”

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