Nykki Oozes Confidence In Brooding R&B-laced single ‘Right Place Wrong Guy’

Rising future pop artist Nykki returns with brooding R&B-laced new single ‘Right Place Wrong Guy’, alongside its dream-like music video. Stream ‘Right Place Wrong Guy’ here. Watch ‘Right Place Wrong Guy’ Video Here.

Finding the sweet spot between alt-R&B and pop, Nykki co-wrote ‘Right Place Wrong Guy’ with producer John Foyle, known for his work with Mae Muller and Lola Young and St£fan – aka Stefan Abingdon – whose major pop cuts include, among others, a single for Selena Gomez. The swaggering earworm blooms over sludgy, savage basslines, jittery swarms of drum programming, with plenty of room to play around with texture and Nykki’s layered vocals. Piercing and empowering lyrics see Nykki oozing confidence while reflecting on a relationship destined to fail.

“You can pretty much already see its end and you are finally being honest with yourself, which can be empowering,” explains Nykki, talking about the meaning behind the song. “I naturally always want to see the best in every situation. This is about that time when I just finally admitted it’s not gonna work and that’s also okay. I can only do serious relationships, that’s just how I’m built, so sorry not sorry to every guy who just wants to have fun!”

Diving deeper into the writing and production process Nykki adds; “I wanted to write something darker and a bit sexy. We started writing the lyrics around a few ideas I had in my phone. The song’s title started as a joke. I said ‘I think it was a right place wrong time situation’ and John said ‘yeah more like wrong guy’, and that’s how it happend. I wanted to make sure this was a savage song, not sad, but very powerful and almost making fun of the situation”. 

Songwriting has been a life saving tool for Nykki, at the high of the pandemic she connected with producers and co-writers all over the world, these transatlantic online sessions resulted in last year’s single ‘Me Over You’ written with Salt Ashes’ collaborators, British writing and production duo The Radiators, which has seen support from fashion and music publications such as Metal Magazine and  Mundane Magazine, among others. 

“Showing the extent of her range with every release”, as written by Wonderland Magazine for their ‘New Noise’ feature, Nykki has rolled out a string of bops which marked her as a newcomer to watch. Debut single ‘No Cry’ catapulted the Czech-born artist into the international pop world, with Billboard praising her “commanding vocals” and giving their seal of approval to her debut video, which has now clocked up over 1 million YouTube plays, since premiering on the world’s most influential music media brand. Whilst the single’s remix by Leon Lour peaked in the UK Commercial Pop Top 30 Club Charts at number 13. In her follow up single ‘Lost My Mind’, Nykki showed her good girl turned bad persona through the convincing acted scenes and dynamic choreographed shots of the track’s video, which has now reached nearly 1.5 million YouTube views. Eloquently acclaimed by Rollacoaster Magazine for her “emotionally tinged, energetic pop songs that boast undeniably catchy hooks,” Nykki graced the pages of the magazine’s latest Spring/Summer issue, before going back into the studio. While the stripped down versions of her EDM-laced pop songs have been praised for their “glossy dynamics” by one of the world’s foremost authority on pop music authority on pop music Popdust. 

With ‘Right Place Wrong Guy’ Nykki claims her artistic space, showing confidence stepping into new musical terrains, and the ability to turn any personal life story into a captivating song.

Nykki’s new single ‘Right Place Wrong Guy’ is out now alongside its dream-like music video. Stream ‘Right Place Wrong Guy’ hereWatch ‘Right Place Wrong Guy’ Video Here.