OGF Slick CEO of Gifted Misfit featured in Redesigning minds holiday drive

OGF Slick, the owner of one of the reputed brands in the clothing industry, “Gifted Misfit” was featured in the holiday drive hosted by Redesigning minds. The drive was all about donating toys, clothing, and food to all the less fortunate. It all started in the city of Baltimore Maryland. The drive was on 22nd December which was a few days before Christmas. The goal was to make their holidays the best holidays by giving out the stuff they might need. 

The young entrepreneur, OGF Slick has been running the Gifted Misfit clothing brand for a long time. He believes in giving back to the community. The brand promotes the motto of believing in yourself and has already helped many people in the same. Now, with this good deed, OGF Slick sends a great message and a positive impact on the world. 

The clothes that were given away were unreleased and were of very good quality as well. The families who are not getting the basic human needs fulfilled will now have a great holiday. All this happened because of the people who have actively participated in the drive. It was not only about the in-house products. Slick also gave away toys and has fed many families. Some of these families were not even getting proper food. 

It’s a great positive message sent to the youth on how it’s always the best idea to give back to the community. The brand that believes in giving back to the community always wins the heart of the people. In this case, it’s the Gifted Misfit brand. OGF Slick always has been doing everything he can to give the community back whether it’s in the form of a message or the form of the products. This shows the generosity of the founder. It’s a message to all the founders and customers to keep doing good deeds.