One to Watch: What’s her name? Superstar Cortni

SuperStar Cortni has a date with the top of the charts & playlists in 2021.

SuperStar Cortni Generates Pure Fire For Your Playlists –her “BODY” remix Ft. Platinum artist Tiffany Evans Is Out & Available Now!

With over two decades of experience as a young veteran of the music-industry, every move that artist SuperStar Cortni has made over the years has been a confident step forward in crafting her career to move forward. Through ballads such as her new single called “Body” reveals just how stunning her songwriting & vocals can truly be – SuperStar Cortni is creating insatiably addictive vibes no playlist would be complete without and proving to the world that the passion, dedication, and commitment she puts in, gets results.


She has a new reality YouTube series titled “On The Road To Super Stardum” this series is a highlight of her journey and shows how SuperStar Cortni invests her heart, soul, time, and energy into every action she takes to make it to the top. She can create emotionally authentic & bold songs that genuinely connect to listeners out there and she wants to take the world on this journey with her. SuperStar Cortni is a visually artistic creator that writes all her music & has the rare ability to sing and rap songs with fun, colorful, sincerity that people can truly feel; like vivid & sensory experiences that listeners can literally see in their mind. By staying true to her vision and making the music she truly wants to make.

SuperStar Cortni is putting out her best to-date every time she shows up, and she’s done it again with her latest cut. Officially out & available online everywhere – stream her new singles “Take Ya Man”or “Body” on all digital platforms. – SuperStar Cortni has a date with the top of the charts & playlists in 2021.