Online Game ‘Fortnite’ Used as Tool to Lure Hindu and Jain Boys into Forced Conversion to Islam

In a disturbing incident highlighting the dangers of online manipulation, a Muslim man and his accomplices used the popular online game ‘Fortnite’ to attract Hindu and Jain boys into converting to Islam. The perpetrators employed deceptive tactics, including creating fake Hindu identities, exploiting the game’s competitive nature, and brainwashing the victims with extremist videos.

The perpetrators employed a three-step process to trap the unsuspecting Hindu and Jain boys. First, they created fraudulent Hindu identities and enticed the victims with promises of victory if they recited the Kalma, an Islamic prayer. Subsequently, they urged the boys to adopt Islamic practices, such as offering Namaz five times a day. Finally, they shared extremist videos featuring controversial preacher Zakir Naik to indoctrinate the victims further and push them towards embracing Islam.

The Ghaziabad Police acted swiftly upon receiving a complaint from the father of a minor Jain boy who had fallen prey to the Islamists’ scheme. A dedicated team was formed, and an FIR was registered under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. During the investigation, the police uncovered the individual’s real identity behind the online handle ‘Baddo’ as Shahnawaz Maksood Khan from Maharashtra. The mastermind of the operation, Maksood Khan, was arrested, along with an accomplice identified as Maulvi Abdul Rehman.

Through their inquiries, the police pieced together the manipulative process employed by the perpetrators. The first step involved creating fake Hindu identities and engaging in Fortnite matches with unsuspecting Hindu and Jain players. If the victims lost, they were coerced into reciting Islamic verses as a supposed means to secure victory. Once trust was established, the perpetrators would deliberately let the victims win. In the second step, the victims were gradually lured into adopting Islamic practices, while in the third step, extremist videos by Zakir Naik and Tariq Jamil were shared to intensify their indoctrination.

Maulvi Abdul Rehman, one of the accused, expressed his desire to see people from Hindu and other communities embrace Islam. Investigations revealed that his association with the Sanjaynagar Jama Masjid committee had been terminated. The accused was relentless in his pursuit and had successfully converted a few minors before their families discovered the manipulation and lodged complaints. Although the accused had attempted to delete all evidence of his activities, the police were able to retrieve incriminating data from his electronic devices.

Further investigation is underway to unveil their operation’s full extent and identify potential collaborators.

The victims, who were initially unaware of the sinister intentions behind the game, found themselves gradually drawn into the clutches of forced conversion. The victims’ families expressed shock and concern over the radicalization of their children and the potential involvement of individuals associated with the mosque where the boys went to offer Namaz. One of the parents’ complaints also raised concerns about anti-national activities.