Open Enrollment Communication Tips

Open enrollment communications are essential for any organization. It ensures that employees are better informed to make educated decisions, learn and appreciate the opportunities presented, and receive timely and correlative information. Organizations aiming to equip their employees to comprehend information that results in participation and productivity must practice these six open enrollment communication tips.

1. Personalize the communication

Every employee is different, and so is his or her way of understanding. Invest in making the information easily comprehensible by using various means of communication that accommodate all employees. While some employees are active in emails, some prefer using apps and social media. The goal is to create an environment of active employee participation while relaying information promptly and efficiently. One primary tip is personalizing the information for different target groups to promote inclusion and diversification. Diversity and inclusion make an organization stand out.

2. Communicate any change early

Some policies and benefits are subject to change. These changes are bound to bring financial and family shifts, which may destabilize employees. And so, the company must notify employees on any change to equip them to make informed decisions. Providing information early is also beneficial to the organization as it saves time and questions during enrollment. Another benefit for the organization is that timely information boosts its professional branding.

3. Keep it simple.

Most communication barriers arise from misinterpretations of multifaceted information. To engage your employees more and motivate them to understand the policies and opportunities being presented, ensure that the information is clear and in its simplest forms. At this point, the employees do not need to know everything. All they need is open enrollment communications and meaningful yet simple benefits information to guide them in making informed decisions. One practical tip is to ensure the important information is broken down into small parts, using straightforward grammar and accompanying the broken information with relevant links and external sources.

4. Draw real-life experiences to give them a better understanding

In most cases, people will relate more to real-life experiences. To maintain constructive open enrollment communications, bring the options to employees in a relatable manner. For instance, employees will be drawn to “find health services in the middle of the night,” contrary to “Healthhub offers 24/7 health services.” The goal is to structure the organization as a reliable option that provides full coverage.

5. Ensure the information is esculent

The information only adds value or helps employees make informed decisions if it is digestible. It may be simple and easy to understand, but it is not resourceful if it does not impact them. For example, pamphlets/booklets may have simple information, but they may be too long to capture and engage the employees. Open enrollment information may be too bulky, so it is crucial to narrow down the basics that focus only on the important information. Also, ensure the information is captivating enough to grab the reader’s attention. An important tip is to use diagrams and animations where applicable.

6. Refrain from the use of jargon

Most employees may not be familiar with complex terms, and using them will only make the information vulnerable to misinterpretation—open enrollment communications center on making information as simple for the employees as possible. Employers are responsible for explaining possible acronyms. When the terms have to be used, the organization can ensure that links are provided for further information. Most importantly, project managers, financial leaders, and company consultants should attend open enrollment to decode the terms and address employee concerns about unclear policies.

Open enrollment communications determine how well an organization stands out, retains employees, and enhances employee experience. An organization will achieve all these by how well and effectively they package information to their employees and how actively they engage them. The above open enrollment communication tips ensure the company relays information in a timely, engaging, and convenient way, which equips the employees to make better and informed decisions.