Organisational psychology: why it matters

Article by Ben Bander Abudawood

How do you build a work environment that leads to better productivity? How do you motivate your employees in the most effective way? How can your business thrive by allowing your employees to thrive? Organisational psychology answers these questions and more, using an empirical evidence base to create a positive environment that increases productivity, benefiting the organisation, and increases well-being, benefiting employees.

For the employees, organisational psychology offers many benefits. It cuts down on toxic practices and allows management and employees to work together and build a culture that is good for everyone, healthier, and takes into account the needs people have. For the organisation, this type of psychology provides opportunities for increasing productivity, innovation, output, and reduce problems like high turnover, accidents and complaints, and more.

In a sense, organisational psychology helps bring tools that align the interests of the employees and the company, creating a mutually beneficial environment that leads to better results. There are decades worth of research and best practices that can be implemented in the workplace. It can offer training for management and employees, changes to organisational culture, processes and guidelines that help better align the interests of the employees and the company itself, and more.

Organisational psychology can help build a better environment, which will lead to higher profits and productivity and improve the quality of life of the employees. It offers many benefits on different levels and has solutions for organisations of any size and type, with solutions that are based on research.

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