Paige Lorenze: Seeing The World Differently

Whether it’s fashion, make-up, her social media aesthetic, or how she views the world, Paige Lorenze pulls inspiration from everything she does. Lorenze was recently thrust into the spotlight after being one of Armie Hammer’s victims, but she hasn’t let the negativity slow her down. Her Instagram has always been filled with the most beautiful pictures of her day, from the most mundane aspects such as daily coffee to outfits pictures that are plastered all over Pinterest as soon as she hits “post.”

“I have a great visual memory and feel like everyone I meet and every place I go has affected my fashion sense,” says Lorenze. Paige’s sense of style can not be defined as any genre of clothing other than, well, Paige’s style. Her outfits feel inspired and carefully curated without being overly trendy or forced. She wears brands such as Balenciaga mixed with brands like Theory to give her effortless chicness an air of relatability and attainability. 

Her outfits are meticulously researched on the internet and she even has Instagram pages dedicated to them. If you want some of her tips, her go-to style includes “Oversized cashmere sweater, a black cropped t-shirt, a good pair of vintage jeans, black lululemon leggings, cowboy boots, and black Gucci slide loafers.” Fashion is a very personal thing and Lorenze has completely made it her own. 

She explains, “There is this quote by “hommee girls” I love that I feel like speaks to my personal style a lot:There is a boy in every girl, an homme in every woman. Dressing like a man doesn’t disguise a woman’s femininity—it ignites it. “The more a woman hides and abandons her femininity, the more it emerges from the very heart of her existence,” Yohji Yamamoto has said. “A pair of brilliantly cut cotton trousers can be more beautiful than a gorgeous silk gown.”  

As for beauty, she has always paved her own path. Being an athlete growing up, her classes were roughly 60 large and all her classmates followed the trends, as one does in grade school. “The cool thing to do was not to wear makeup. At night when everyone went to sleep, I would go into the dorm bathroom and do a full face of makeup and then just wash it off. I was obsessed with Youtube makeup tutorials.” With no room and only special occasions where dressing up was the norm, she would practise everyday and let her makeup lover flag fly as all of her classmates lined up so she could do their makeup. 

These moments of connectivity allowed Paige to continue to see the world for the beauty it has to offer in everyday life. She is always sharing little moments of her day on social media. From landscape pictures of her favorite travel destinations to the same sidewalks she graces every single day, she inspires those around her to find magic in every moment.

If you want to take a page from Paige’s book, she gives the advice “Be yourself. The only thing that we have is our own unique identity. No one can take that from you or recreate it.”