People shouldn’t take films so seriously, says Akshay Kumar

In an interview, Akshay said that he considers censor board as the barometer for acceptable content, and hence he finds no problem in a film if it is as per the standards set by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

Akshay Kumar has made his stand very clear about the growing scrutiny of cinema for its political correctness, he simply said that people need not to take films so serious.

The actor, who always shows a willingness to be flexible in his political viewpoints when it comes to doing “slapstick” comedies, received a lot of criticism for his last release Housefull 4 for being “regressive and sexist,” but the actor seems unperturbed by it.

In a statement he said, “My responsibility with Houseful is that I am doing a slapstick comedy.”

Further he said, “A film should be taken as a film. You go to a theatre to enjoy. You pay for the ticket and don’t take it so seriously. We show ‘No smoking’ disclaimer in films but have people stopped smoking? Everybody is doing their job. I am trying to do mine. It’s just a character. I am again telling you, don’t take it so seriously.”

When the actor was asked about the contribution to the normalization of sexist culture? He responded, “But there are many other (films) where men are being made fun of.”

Currently, Akshay is preparing for the release of Good Newwz, which is on the subject of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Besides, Aksya, the other actors in the lead role are: Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani.

Speaking about his upcoming film Good Newwz, the actor said, “We are all making a film. This film is on IVF which is a serious matter. Now, someone can say it’s such a serious matter, how can you show it in this (comic) way? But I am playing a character.”

Further he said, “If you have a problem after watching the trailer, then don’t see the film. Don’t take your family. Tell your friends that they shouldn’t watch the film.”