Pepe Dadon releases his new “March 19th” EP

Every once in a while, a new artist releases his album and it completely shocks and impresses everyone with their talent and skills. That’s exactly what Pepe Dadon managed to do with his new EP named “March 19th”. This EP is designed from the ground up to be very interesting, creative and super innovative, and it pushes the boundaries when it comes to self-expression, love, trusting yourself and never giving up.


What makes Pepe Dadon’s music unique is the fact that he is telling real stories from his life, with the idea being to help others as much as possible. He shows that yes, everything is possible if you commit to what you want to do and you never give up. No one’s life is perfect, and songs like “Chip on my shoulder” definitely show that. In fact, this song shows that even if your life is difficult, you still need to pick up and truly focus on what you want to do.

“3AM OZONE FREESTYLE” is a song focused more on the idea of hustling, working hard and making sure that despite the situation, you are delivering your best. It’s a very creative, engaging and exciting song that shows the side of life a lot of people want to push away and not show to others. Pepe Dadon understands that, and this song is extremely beautiful and exciting because of that.

Another song from this EP, “Zoned Out”, is also showing the challenges you encounter in life and how you must deal with all kinds of struggles. It’s important to understand where those challenges truly come from and identify ways to eliminate them in a way that really works. It’s an empowering song that makes you trust your instincts and act on the things you want to do.

“Nothing” is more about the idea of getting past a breakup and pushing yourself to move forward. It shows how the previous relationship didn’t work and you’re trying to eliminate those problems once and for all, especially when your ex already moved on. This is a great song for those that want to pick themselves up and focus on improving their life as they enter a new relationship.


If the “March 19th” EP shows something, that would be the fact that Pepe Dadon has great musical chops and he can easily tackle all kinds of incredible topics. He is a very talented musician and we are sure he will continue to create music that connects with people from an emotional standpoint. Aside from that, Pepe Dadon also invested in a new clothing brand named “Become Dadon” which delivers outstanding, innovative urban clothing.

If you want to learn more about Pepe Dadon or listen to his music, you should consider browsing all the links listed below. He is a very innovative, creative artist and entrepreneur that will surely influence the music industry for years to come!

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