Pepé Willie and His Book: “If You See ME: My Six Decade Journey in Rock and Roll”

The book is just telling the whole story! Pepé Willie shares sixty years of art in papers with ink in his book released 2/1/2023. He said that ‘the book is an essential source of enlightenment.’ Check it out Here. 

Pepé owns Pepe Music Inc, a company that provides services to artists, producers, and songwriters, and launched his record label, Reo Deo. His expertise might exceed the imagination of many fans who only get to hear his songs and can’t imagine loads of work behind the scenes. 

Pepé shares six decades of unforgettable moments. Of tones that meant something and the ones that didn’t. How music is one of the best heart treatments while being a musician is one of the most complex careers. He tells stories about moments with legends from Jimi Hendrix to Prince to Andre Cymone and Morris Day. And how they have influenced his life and career.

Solid days make solid men! Pepé will entertain readers with funny stories that make them lose their pages from laughing. Many things you wondered about earlier behind the stage or on a tour bus are in that book! Though, he speaks about heartbreaking situations and points that could be breaking points for many others. Such a rich experience is a crucial reference to younger artists pursuing challenges and success in producing music. 

Producers and singers spend days and weeks mastering minutes of sounds and sometimes seconds. The details are endless. And you know what? Pepé almost mentioned them all! And that’s why he said the book is essential for those interested in music as a career. He speaks many secrets about the music industry. And super handy tips for those who are starting their careers. 

Being a solid and hard worker is one idea that Pepé embraced while writing his book. Pepé tells readers how working hard and staying late nights on his music rewarded him eventually. It feels great to read that someone was here already, right? Pepé comforts musicians and singers working with everything they have to make it in the music industry. He tells them many things, and most importantly, he encourages readers to keep up the hard work. 

From his stories and ideas, readers will live six decades with Pepé, Hedrix, Prince, and other shiny names. They will get to know and see the other side of the music coin. He describes Hardships, challenges, and moments of pride. His stories will burst minds with enthusiasm. Readers will get to know that nothing precious comes easy! 


Check Here Pepé Willie’s book released 2/1/2023: If You See ME: My Six Decade Journey in Rock and Roll. The book is available everywhere! Publishers and press are anticipating a magical success for its first edition. Pepé Willie discusses his journey with music over more than 50 years. He opens his mind and heart to readers with unforgettable and unbelievable stories about his projects and legacy with Hendrix, Prince, and more. 

He also wrote about the music industry and tried to reflect on his experience in everything he worked on in the music industry. Pepé Willie (owner of Pepe Music Inc) shared secrets and many facts about the music industry for anyone interested in learning about such a unique career. 

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