Personal Law, Child Custody and Child Guardian

Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 for Personal Affairs in the UAE governs matters related to the custody of children. As per law, the father of a child is the guardian, whereas, the biological mother is the custodian. The day-to-day care of the child is included in custody and is usually given to the biological mother in such a way that the father remains the guardian.

The father of the child is responsible for financial support in the form of housing and expenses for necessities like food, medical care, and education.The custody of a child is almost always granted to the biological mother, keeping in view the interest of the child. However, the mother has custody of a child till a certain age, which is eleven years in the case of boys and thirteen years in the case of girls. The custody can be extended in the interest of the children.The conditions stipulated by law to qualify as a custodian are that the custodian must be:

  • Rational
  • Adult
  • Honest
  • Able to take care of the child’s upbringing
  • Free from infectious diseases
  • Have not been sentenced to a crime of honor

Family Lawyers in Dubai understand the laws and regulations related to the custody of children and can guide their clients on the best way to handle the issue. The laws and regulations regarding the custody of the child keep the interests of the child at the forefront and ensure that these interests are protected at all costs. In many cases involving the custody of children, the case becomes a means for both parties to try and harm the other party.

However, a good lawyer can ensure that the case does not become a custody battle and their client understands the repercussions of their actions in the long term. These individuals need to realize that petty grudges and blame games on their part can have a significant impact on their child’s mental and physical health. Therefore, rather than making the custody case a battle of egos, it is better to leave the situation to a good Family Lawyer in Dubai.

Role of Family Lawyers in Divorce Cases

Changing times have seen a dramatic shift in family values and dynamics. These changes have given rise to a complex network of relationships. The complexity of relationships has also made divorce cases more complex. Family lawyers need to understand the dynamics of individual cases to devise the best possible strategies for their clients. Divorce Lawyers in Dubai not only understand the laws and regulations regarding divorce but also understand that divorce cases are very different from one another. Emirati Divorce or Family Lawyers are capable of handling the different Laws. Because as per the new Law, now Non-Muslims can choose their Law so verdict could be issued as per their Law and they can also get married while on tourist-visa in Abu Dhabi only. Therefore the Emirati Family and Divorce Lawyers are the top Lawyers for any kind of family law services including divorce.

A strategy that may have been suitable for one case may not be suitable for another. The lawyer must understand the situation and the priorities of the client. The priorities and the needs of the client are the most important factors for a family lawyer.

A divorce case is a life-changing process that needs proper deliberation and planning. A good lawyer plays a significant role in ensuring that their client is aware of all the factors involved in a divorce case and is in a position to make a well-informed decision. Furthermore, a good lawyer is the key factor in the fairness of the outcome and can ensure that the case is handled properly and efficiently.

Family Lawyers dounderstand the legal as well as the emotional aspects of a divorce case. Furthermore, these lawyers have the experience to mediate in an emotionally charged environment. A divorce case is not only costly in terms of financial costs for a client but rather they involve emotional and psychic costs as well. Therefore, it is important that the lawyer is compassionate enough to understand the emotional situation of their client and makes sure that their client does not suffer unnecessarily.

Family Lawyers play a very significant role in divorce cases and hiring a good lawyer who has the expertise to handle the case in a way that their client does not have to suffer any additional stress can prove beneficial in many ways. Therefore, a lawyer should be hired after due deliberation even in cases that seem straightforward to ensure that an individual does not have to suffer unnecessary stress.

Ripu Daman Gulati

Ripu Daman Gulati is Law Enthusiast; he has a doctorate in management and holds an LLM, MBA in Corporate Law and LLB from Lucknow University. Gulati is a senior citizen, and he is on a mission to educate everyone about their legal rights and law that can make our world a better place to live.

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