Pierre Mccleary Productions And Bow Tie Cigar Company Make History On The Same Night

On May 7th, 2023, history was made twice in one night at the “Evolution of Men Runway Show” in St. Louis, MO. The event was held at the beautiful Lavish Affairs venue and hosted over two hundred guests. Eight local fashion designers participated in the event along with over forty models. The runway boasted a double platform, enhancing the visual appeal and creating an atmosphere of elegance and allure.

The PIERRE MCCLEARY PRODUCTIONS event marked the first all-men fashion show in the history of St. Louis. BOW TIE CIGAR CO. achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the very first cigar brand to ever grace the fashion runway. These groundbreaking achievements solidified their positions as pioneers in their respective industries.

The Evolution of Men Runway Show aims not only to captivate with fashion but also to raise awareness and support for prostate cancer, a significant health concern affecting countless lives.A percentage of the proceeds from this exceptional event were donated to The Empowerment Network Inc. of St. Louis, reinforcing the show’s commitment to making a tangible difference in the community.When asked about her vision for the Evolution on Men Runway Show, she simply stated “All men’s lives matter. Get Tested.”

Billie “Bowtie” King extends heartfelt gratitude to the show’s producer Pierre McCleary and producer’s assistant Ashley Fox, who took a chance on him and provided the opportunity to realize one of his dreams. These two remarkable Black women welcomed Bowtie into their world treating him like family. The collaboration between Pierre, FOX and Bowtie beautifully exemplified the power of unity and brought forth an extraordinary, history making achievement.

Bowtie and Fox (Photo Credit: Roderick Evans)

In expressing deep appreciation, Bowtie proudly acknowledges the profound role played by these two amazing women in making this historic cigar culture moment possible.  Bowtie stated,“FOX made the call after speaking the Pierre. I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this show.” The sense of pride and fulfillment experienced in this accomplishment was one of the greatest he has had ever felt.

Bowtie also expresses gratitude to the entire team involved in the fashion show. From coordinators and designers to models, photographers, videographers, prostate educators, the venue owner and staff, and the resolute volunteers, everyone played a crucial part in making Bowtie feel at home and ensuring the success of the event.

With a sense of peace and profound gratitude, he acknowledges that their vision has been realized. Thefusion of cigars and fashion on the runway has left an indelible mark on history and happened in the great city of St. Louis, MO. As visionaries, they look forward to the future with open arms.

The captivating union between cigars and the fashion industry unravels a symphony of style, luxury, and sophistication. Through their shared values of artisanship, attention to detail, and the pursuit of self-expression, these realms intertwine seamlessly, creating a world where elegance and refinement reign supreme. From iconic partnerships to the celebration of rituals and the manifestation of individuality, cigars and the fashion industry offer connoisseurs and enthusiasts an unparalleled fusion of experiences. As Bowtie recentlypenned in a public Facebook post about the full experience, the harmonious blend of cigars and fashion can lead to remarkable achievements, forever etching their mark on history with a resounding message: “Nothing Like It.”