Pit bull Monster and American Bully Brazilian dog breeder

American Bullies are a new style of dogs that originated from the American Pit Bull Terrier. These dogs have their own registry which is called the ABKC. American Bullies are bred by line breeding American Pit Bull Terriers for a specific look, temperament, and structure. These dogs are shorter, wider, and have larger heads than the older lines of American Pit Bulls. The two main bloodlines that started American Bullies are greyline (California) and razors edge (Virginia). A bloodline is created by breeding two lines of dogs to create your own line.

This is done by inbreeding, line breeding, and doing out crosses when needed. Some of the foundation dogs that created American Bullies are Cairo, Throwin Knuckles, Shortshot, Buckshot and Jewels. Those are all Razors edge dogs and are in just about every line of razors edge dogs you see today. Another line of American Bullies is Greyline. These dogs were bred by blue star kennels. A couple of their foundation dogs are Raider 2 and Brianna Blue Good. Blue Star kennels also bred Juan Gotty.

Since our American bully puppies are first handled by the breeders, it’s your first mission to screen the breeders. If you’re looking for the pit bull to love and play with, not the one whom everyone will fear because of their ferociousness, it’s better to get a pit bull from a breeder whom someone you know trusts. It would be best if you know the breeder themselves and really has passion in taming and taking care of pit bulls. Many pit bull breeders out there are only after selling the puppies and don’t even care for the welfare of the puppy.

Now comes the taming of your American bully puppies. Pit bulls, like teenagers, are very stubborn creatures. Unlike other dogs, they act according to their own will. Patience is the virtue you’ll need during these times. Once you train them, you have to be consistent with the commands you give them. Their mood alters from time to time like a woman. If you get swayed with this, they will be confused with what to follow. Loyalty is one proven trait of pit bull. They will exemplify this to you if you too execute loyalty when it comes to giving commands Pit Monster.

Just like anything else, don’t take everything too seriously. Make your pit bull feel the fun in their training. Don’t be too harsh on them and caress them from time to time so they will feel loved and accepted in the family. Play with them. In this way, they will be more attached to you. Give them awards or any form of appreciation regularly.

If you want your American bully puppies to be closer to everyone in the family, you should let them come inside the house for a family interaction and bonding. You can train them outside with the rest of the family but also let them sleep at night indoors. Anyway, the initial attitude of a pit bull is shaped during its time with the breeder. If you purchased them from a loving and taming breeder, you don’t need to worry about the puppy attacking anyone in your family.