Playboy Playmate Riley Ticotin says she was originally dropped by agency for not getting skinny enough’

Riley Ticotin, who has been chosen by Playboy as their January Playmate. The model is said to be starring in the issue, which is tied to the theme of equality.

According to a representative: “Riley is the first Playmate of her size to grace the pages of Playboy.”

The model has come a long way since she was dropped by an agency for not getting skinny enough. However, Ticotin was always determined to celebrate her curves in front of cameras to prove that sexy doesn’t come in one size.

On being asked how was she discovered as a model in an interview, the-26-year-old said, “I started when I was 15 and I kept getting approached in the malls and stuff. And then my friend and I decided to submit photos to an agency. They signed me and that is how I got started. But then they dropped me because I never got skinny enough.”

Ticotin even told how she coped with being dropped because of her size. She said, “I coped fine, I guess. I was in school and I was focused on getting my education. Modeling just felt supplementary so it didn’t feel like the end of the world for me. So I just dealt with it… And then someone, who’s now my agent, approached me on Facebook. That is how I became a curve model.”

The star seems excited about being chosen for playboy, she said, “I was actually home visiting my parents and I got an email saying, “Hey, Playboy’s interested in meeting with you. We know they have a history, but would you be open to meeting with them?” And I was like, “Yeah.” I was a really big fan of the “Girls Next Door” growing up and I grew up in Los Angeles, so it’s intertwined with that. So I was really excited about going into that meeting.”

Further she added, “To be honest, I had never even opened up a Playboy issue up until right after I had shot this because I was… I found one in a vintage store and I was really curious as to what it was and I opened it, I was like, “Oh, this is old school Playboy.” It’s not what I did. But I was a really big fan of the “Girls Next Door.” Kendra lives in Calabasas and I used to see her at the grocery store all the time and I would get really excited.”

Amelia Brown

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