Political parties getting analyzed differently on Power Sportz

This time it’s not sports fraternity getting analyzed on Power Sportz, but its political parties getting analyzed differently on Power Sportz now. 

It seems that Ms. Kanthi D Suresh is so excited to broadcast political news that she couldn’t resist the temptation until Power News’ official launch and she started spicing up Power Sportz with the flavour of politics.

The recent show of Talking Turkey with Kanthi is on the analysis of the Sports Bill that was recently passed by AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) “Does Arvind Kejriwal understand sports” gave a total political flavour.

With the upcoming Delhi elections, Ms. Kanthi seems to be in no mood to wait for the launch of ‘Power News’ to unveil all the analysis of her on the bill. So, she opted to club the two and come with a unique combination. Astute that she is, it’s a great way to announce your next step and prepare your audience for the new channel. The lady knows how to get what she wants!!!

We even got the news that the logo for Power News has already been trademarked.

Now rumors are taking rounds that all shows on Power Sportz henceforth will have a political flavour till Power News is launched. If it is so, then I don’t know whether Kejriwal’s sports bill is historical or not, but Ms. Kanthi is a great marketer for sure. Her timings are perfect!

One thing for sure, with a lady like Kanthi giving an intellectual calibre to sports issues, it can catch many so-called intelligent men, a bit off guard!!!

Interesting to see, who’s next!!!