Pop Artist Olivia Royal Releases Her New Mixtape, Titled ‘PSYCHE’

Chicago-based Pop artist Olivia Royal has recently released her newest mixtape, in which she offers her take on the modern girl group. The new mixtape, titled ‘PSYCHE,’ is named after the Chicago-based artist’s new ‘group.’

PSYCHE is made up of three different parts of Olivia that come together to form the pop trio. Cassie is her head, Isabela is her heart, and Yummy is her stomach (her gut).

Through the mixtape’ PSYCHE,’ the singer tries to demonstrate a new way of thinking about how we present ourselves to the world and who we think we are. Olivia made the ‘PSYCHE’ Mixtape to express different aspects of her personality. She started working on ‘PSYCHE’ three years ago; however, the determination to create PSYCHE in her head became even louder after she was trapped in her house due to the recent pandemic.

Olivia describes the impetus behind this project as follows: “For a while, I felt so much pressure to define and present my brand identity as an artist when I was still trying to figure out who I was as a young woman. I decided not to cut myself down and choose one but instead showcase three different sides of me.”


Olivia Royal is a Chicago-based artist who is primarily a singer, songwriter, and producer; however, she is known to take on any skill required to realize her vision, from rapping to dancing and video creation to graphic designing, as the need be. Olivia’s sound is frequently crystallized as something between R&B and pop music, but she draws inspiration from various sources.

Olivia was always passionate about music; she started singing at the age of three and writing songs at seven. After discovering music production in high school and realizing the freedom and creative control it gave her in the male-dominated music industry, she was inspired to produce her own music. Olivia wishes to create art that will serve as a personal reminder of her connection to the universe and people worldwide.

“PSYCHE” is now available on SoundCloud and all major platforms. You can also visit Olivia Royal’s website www.oliviaroyalart.com to stay up to date on her latest projects.