PR expert Christopher Keplinger is taking small businesses and independent artists to new heights

Publicist Christopher Keplinger is helping independent artists and small businesses reach new heights. Over a decade ago, Chris and his team began working with independent artists and small businesses. In a three-month digital press tour, the PR expert talks about publicity and education for the second year.

A key component of Chris’ team’s success is integrating growth and education. It’s no longer common practice to hedge bets on independent artists or small businesses. Even so, it remains an integral part of PR. Publicity teams often join an artist or business as they prepare for launch, often very early in their development. Working with a variety of independent artists and small businesses, the publicist and team have had success.

Some notable artists are Prince Pezzy and Lala Chanel, Brandon James, and Symone Fairchild. Businesses include Lexi Home, SaniSprayer360, and Shreek Theater.

“This is the second year that the team and I talk PR and educate via our digital press tour. We hope to continue educating while introducing more developing talent and emerging small businesses to PR.” Owner Christopher Keplinger

Currently, Chris works in the LA, NYC, and Nashville areas.

You can connect with Christopher Keplinger on Facebook @Christopher Keplinger and Linkedin @Christopher Keplinger