Prominent Apostle Jp M Dinayen Launches Millionaire Academy In Cameroon

The flamboyant Apostle JP M Dinayen, a well-known South African-based Cameroonian Prophet and businessman, has recently opened a millionaire academy for prospective men and women. This is a program that is said “to empower mentees with the fundamental aspects of becoming a millionaire”. This mentorship has made waves in South Africa over the past few months – attracting both emerging and established business owners, musicians, career professionals etc. 

The alleged “Gucci pastor” has recently travelled and extended this mentorship program for upcoming prospects in his home country Cameroon. Having spent some time successfully mentoring his students in South Africa, the highly esteemed businessman was led to come back home and also extend the mentorship to the youth of Cameroon. 

Even though this mentorship program can be seen as a positive gesture by many, there are some who have criticized this movement. Many critics say it is only a stunt to look good on media, as he is also known for living a flashy lifestyle – showing off his latest Range Rover Sport and wearing expensive clothing brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Others say it is not appropriate for a pastor to be leading a program that would also empower “worldly music” – referring to his mentees who are rap artists and hip-hop singers.

Apostle JP has responded to these negative gestures saying “if pastors are not the ones who will be used to empower talent and skill, then it will be left to wealthy drug lords and kingpins. Our help is not only limited to those in the gospel genre, all music is talent not only gospel”. 

He later added “I have seen so much intelligence, talent and skill lost due to absence of resources and funds, but the millionaire program is one that will not only empower them with mentorship classes for success, we also donate the necessary resources and funds to most promising entrepreneurs and artists to ensure that their dreams are fulfilled”. 

In South Africa, it is alleged that the Apostle JP M Dinayen has many testimonies from his mentorship program – with his very own right hand man being a 21 year-old product of the mentorship. It is said that his right-hand man is one of many that are on their way to becoming young multi-millionaires because of the mentorship from the academy. The wife of Apostle JP M Dinayen, namely Prophetess Nam Dinayen also features in the academy mentorship as she also owns a multi-million enterprise alongside her husband. Together, these two business moguls have made an powerful impact on the lives of their mentees.

Many say the Prophet believes strongly in empowering the youth, even the media of his ministry in South Africa is filled with young men and woman that he is raising to open a media company with. 

In his brief stay in Cameroon, it is said that the Prophet has been meeting famous musicians and political figures who are interested in partnering with the Millionaire Academy. It is alleged that the Prophet is looking into expanding his reach in this mentorship program by making classes available online via hosting live teachings and seminars, making it available for prospects all over the world.

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