Psychological Stress in soldiers and process to resolve ….

On Dec 04, 2019 the ITBP jawan shoots dead 5 colleagues, commits suicide is a repeat like many earlier incidents viz a viz jawan kills commandant…

History has been witness to many episodes in the past where the rifles meant for enemies has been wrongly used against comrades , undoubtedly the act is parallel to homicide , yet if it is deeply evaluated can be easily deciphered as a stress perpetuation and suicidal in terms of well-perceived evaluation of the repercussive punishment of minimum life term imprisonment.

What are the various factors that lead to such aggressive and detrimental reactions?

Accrued frustration that blinds wisdom is the underlined cause which is symptomatically viewed as collected stress, it is a response to the stimulus of numerous shades, that can be identified as personal, familial, social, official, educational, cultural, interpersonal etc.

The stimulus becomes distressing in the restricted and challenging dimensions of the disciplined and challenging habitat of the armed forces personnel. The accommodation of differences in terms of individuals’ reactions to their different situational interpretations of day to day conflicting situations they need to handle along with fulfilling the requirement of the armed forces’ profession seems an arduous situation which searches for a solution .

The psychological education, which educates pre- possibility and their solutions can be a healthy exercise to curtail such acts. It is an acknowledged fact that strong mind, reacts more positively to dynamic variations and stress promoting situations, whereas the mentally weak succumbs and reacts abnormally, mostly in the negative.

The psychological strength can be enhanced by well crafted and involving exercises which must be executed to multiply and consolidate the psychological stamina of individuals to strong and uniform levels.

Psychological acculturation is an exercise which can break through all barriers of cultural, social, individual and situational challenges and if monitored well can structure the mental capacities to the required parameters.

Time to time, updates system would not only assess the individuals’ psychological strength at intervals, but also facilitate corrections if required.

The extraneous variables- the cultural deformities and varieties that wrongly affects the mental state to take such horrendous steps can be rightly checked and countered. Psychological and emotional citations as examples and possibilities to a healthy degree is must for the necessary check on such incidents, which affects the morale of the security troops.

The repetitive acts point to the saturated process, noteworthy is the fact that many armed forces personnel across the world have displayed strong and exemplary dimensions which our Indian armed forces can incorporate through well structured psychological lessons that would raise standards of one and all and thus overpower the stress level that obstructs efficiency.

Undoubtedly one to one case study is impossible to monitor yet efforts to assimilate differences to uniformity is certainly possible and such episodes can be negated in future.

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