Published Author Deion Campbell’s Secret to staying positive during Covid-19!

Covid-19 has changed the lives of many people all over the world! People have lost many jobs, struggling for money and in need of more government assistance then ever before. Throughout this entire pandemic, there has been one person who has been affected by the coronavirus and barely made it through. Meet Deion Campbell, Author, Photographer, Podcast host and a family man. Deion Campbell was born in Hampton, Virginia on October 28, 1993. At just 26 years old, Mr. Campbell found himself clinging to life on a ventilator due to Covid-19. The young healthy photographer had become victim to a virus, which at the time people believed to be not possible to young individuals with no underline health conditions.  At this time in Campbell’s life he was at his peak with his brand, King Legend Photography.

He had become well respected in his area and future in photography appeared to be shining bright. From capturing photos of weddings, concerts and events, there was no slowing down the ambitious photographer. His photography has taken him places such as Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Bahamas, Mexico and more. The last event he has taken photos of was at the Big Jam 2020 Concert at the Hampton Coliseum. Featuring performances by Dababy, Pop Smoke, Gunna and Stunna 4 Vegas. When asked about the concert and if people were wearing masks Campbell replied, “Taking photos at that concert was one of my biggest accomplishments as a photographer, I know photographers who have been taking photos for over 40 years and have never landed a gig at that venue. As far as wearing masks, at that time the pandemic was not considered a serious threat in the country. Reports of the virus had not hit home for us yet.” A few weeks later Campbell would find himself hospitalized for 40 days. When we asked Campbell to tell us about his experience with Covid-19 he responded, “I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy!” Campbell developed nerve damage to his right arm after surviving 12 days on a ventilator.  This damage to his right arm has forced him to temporarily put down his camera and purse his other passion. Campbell said, “ Writing has always been a mental therapy for me. With all of my newfound free time, I had no excuse not to start putting my thoughts on paper. After watching the news and scrolling social media, it really bothered me that people still believed the virus was not real. That is was inspired me to write my second book titled, Ventilator.” Campbell latest release is now a #1 New Release and available to readers on

This book has created a lot of buzz all over the Internet and has even landed the author a feature in Yahoo News and many media outlets. Deion Campbell released the book on his 27th birthday. A birthday he almost didn’t see this year because of his fight with the deadly virus.  Although Campbell went through the absolute most battling the virus, he remains positive and continues to find ways to move forward and inspire others. When we asked Campbell what was his secret to staying positive he replied, “I almost died but I didn’t. So for me personally, life has a new meaning. I understand that God got me here for a reason. My work is far from finished and I am honestly just getting started. When you realize how precious life is, you start to appreciate the value of your existence on this planet. It took so many events to occur, just so we could breathe the air today. Life is simply to short to sweat things we can’t control. Surround yourself around positive vibes and you will remain positive. Surround yourself with negative vibes, and your thoughts will become negative.” Those are very powerful standards for the Covid-19 standards to live by.

We asked Campbell what he has been up to since his release from the hospital and he responded, “I have been focusing all my energy on a new found passion in broadcasting by starting my own podcast. Of course it only made sense for me to keep it all in the brand, so I titled it King Legend Talks. The idea of the podcast came from a conversation I had with Pro Fitness Trainer Kim Reeves. We were talking about our goals and dreams one day LIVE on Instagram and the conversation was so powerful it inspired me to have more of them with other people. So I designed the podcast to be a platform for Celebrities and Influencers to come and talk about their road to success. People are always asking the question, how did they become successful? Well on my show we are getting answers to that question, while inspiring others to follow their dreams. I interview people from all walks of life, Musicians, Comedians, Athletes, Actors and more. The show has gained the support of many and is now available to listeners on iHeartRadio.  Other than my podcast, I have been spending plenty of time with my wife and playing a lot of Call of Duty Warzone.“

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