Purist Label Upcoming Artist Jamesdatwayyyy

James Hamilton, also known as Jamesdatwayyy, is an upcoming artist from Oregon. Music caught Jamesdatwayyy’s eye in early 2016. “I first started music in 2016, during that time I was just messing wit beats and making tracks,” says Jamesdatwayyy.

However, music became a serious part of his life in 2018. ” I really started to take music seriously in 2018. That’s when I had my first big hit, which was do it like Nike freestyle.” Jamesdatwayyy creates his music off of how he feels & his emotions. ” I can’t really describe the music I make, it’s sum shii where is like different moods I’m feeling like for example. If mad or sad or even happy I just base it off my moods.” Jamesdatwayyy plans to branch off into new genres & become versatile.

You can check out Jamesdatwayyy’s new single “3up” on all streaming platforms. “Well my newest release that I dropped was 3up! Wit dat project I dropped its its sum lit mix wit rage / moshpit type stuff but me being wit puristlabel it’s gon open a lot of doors for me and da lable this year is my year. ” Jamesdatwayyy is signed to Purist Label & has a bright future!