Rapper iiMPRESSION Takes the World by Storm with A New Hip Hop Album Titled ‘Vital Heartz’

Hip Hop artist iiMPRESSION releases a new album titled ‘Vital Heartz.’ The album features eight new songs and is available on global music streaming platforms.

Rising hip hop artist, Michael Hill AKA iiMPRESSION, releases the much-awaited album titled ‘Vital Heartz.’ iiMPRESSION is a genius rapper from Willingboro, New Jersey, who has a different approach with his melodic touch and unique voice. iiMPRESSION is currently based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. ‘Vital Heartz’ is his first album in 2021. “I’m glad about releasing a new album, ‘Vital Heartz.’ Thanks to the people who supported me and the artists involved in this album; Flykogang DC, 26 baby Chino, Tshaviah, COCOFROMTHE5, and iiCCYY EJ. Thanks to your support, this album was made possible. To my music listeners, I hope you enjoy my songs.” said iiMPRESSION, who has been known for the tag “Double ii.”

iiMPRESSION is a multi-talented rapper-songwriter who takes Raleigh by a storm as he releases new projects that escalate his melodic abilities. iiMPRESSION creates enthralling music composition and impressive lyricism in his new album, making listeners feel enlivened and enthralled. The album consists of eight songs; ‘Taught Different’, ‘Cold Hearted’ (feat. Flykogang DC & 26 baby Chino, ‘Love Me’ (feat. Tshaviah), ‘On me’, ‘In the Past (feat. COCOFROMTHE5), ‘All I got’ (feat. iiCCYY EJ ), and ‘Noticed’. iiMPRESSION ‘s new album is available on global music streaming providers like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Anghami, and more.

iiMPRESSION is a one-of-a-kind rapper who has been known for the tag “Double ii”. He has released numerous singles, EPs, and an album. iiMPRESSION also collaborated with other talented hip hop artists like The Real Juse, #SteezyBaby, Jaysive, ITSTANR, Shae Chin, Vybe, and more.


Michael Hill, better known as iiMPRESSION, is a rising hip hop star from Willingboro, NJ. He is currently based in Raleigh, NC. iiMPRESSION has released many singles, EPs, and an album since 2019 and continues to break new barriers with each new song he releases. In 2021, he released his debut album titled ‘Vital Heartz’. His new album features eight songs with stunning melody and lyrics. Several hip hop artist like Flykogang DC, 26 baby Chino, Tshaviah, COCOFROMTHE5, and iiCCYY EJ involved in this album and makes the album becomes iiMPRESSION’s the most awaited album and take rap music news by storm this year.

For more information about iiMPRESSION visit: https://linktr.ee/iiMPRESSION

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