Rare Beauty- A Makeup Brand with a Mental Health Mission, says Selena Gomez

Two years ago, Selena Gomez launched her very own Makeup Brand, Rare Beauty. She came up with a unique cosmetic line that breaks the stereotypical barriers of beauty and unites the two worlds of Beauty and Mental health.

Moreover, it is so much more than just foundation and highlighter.
On the official launch of her brand, Gomez said, “I want this line to feel like everything fits together, and also that everyone could trust it.”

The all-new beauty entrepreneur created a fusion of her style and eye for elegant makeup and designed a cosmetics collection with several categories, including matte lip creams, 48 shades of foundations, brow definers, and lip balms, liquid blush, and many more. The cosmetic lineup also provides shimmery silk highlighters, complexion products, and buttery lipsticks that melts into your skin, making it soft and glossy. But more than the immense range of exquisite colors and formulas that Rare Beauty offers, it emphasizes its mission of mental health awareness.

To accomplish her initial goal, she set up a Rare Impact Fund to globally provide mental health services to underserved communities. “I challenge the ideology that mental health and beauty cannot coexist,” says Gomez.

With her team, Gomez has set a high goal to raise $100 million with the Rare Impact Fund’s help to support the undeserved communities over the next ten years.