Realbryan.k has just released his video “SUNSHINE”

Realbryan.k, the most listened to French artist of the last few days, has just released his new video “SUNSHINE”. The track is a tribute to the mix of electro and hiphop music. Indeed, BRYAN has a great affection for this style. The Frenchman is very marked by this musical culture. He finally pushes the musical project to its paroxysm.

A DJ more than ever proud of his French origins!

Accompanied in the clip and in the music by several artists, the French native reveals a French influence that was previously unexploited. In the clip, shot in Paris, France, we can see a certain tradition far from the clichés the world may have about the country.

The DJ, who made a lot of people dance this summer thanks to his two sounds “Give me that” and “Sunshine” finds himself releasing a clip that nobody expected! Indeed, he unveiled the release of his video on the same day of its release on his Instagram account @realbryan.k

He says that now that he’s back, his goal is to continue creating timeless music by using his platform to encourage and support his audience and others in the music industry. “Achieving your goals is never easy and there are always challenges,” says Realbryan.k.

Terribly effective and sunny, this track is highlighted by the production of the French DJ, but also accompanied by models from around the world.

About ten days after the official release of the sound, Realbryan.k released a preview of the video on his Instagram account. In the

two-minute mini-film, the French star is seen explaining a story without even saying a word.

SUNSHINE is a dance track for the summer, which conveys a powerful message of love. “I really enjoyed working with artists from all over the world again, sharing different cultures with them,” said Realbryan.k.

To view the “SUNSHINE” clip video, please click here: