Reasons To Get Into Teaching

There aren’t many things that are nearly as rewarding as shaping young minds as a teacher. A teacher is one of the best professions you can enter if you want to make a real difference. In this article from Teaching Personnel you will learn some of the main reasons you should think about getting into teaching.

Reasons To Get Into Teaching: 

1. Inspire a New Generation

First and foremost, you want to get into teaching to inspire a brand new generation of kids. This is something that a lot of people will never get to experience. While parents play a crucial role in the development of kids, teachers typically have an even bigger role in the development of their minds. The results that you get to witness as a teacher are sure to leave you speechless and satisfied with your job going home every night. 

2. It’s a True Vocation

Teaching is much more than a job. It’s a calling. It’s much like being a doctor or a nurse. A lot of people work to pay the bills. However, you get to experience much more fulfilling work knowing that you are making a difference in kids’ lives.

3. Passion

A lot of people aren’t satisfied with their jobs because they lack passion for them. Not many get to do something they are truly passionate about. However, you get to teach a subject that you are passionate about to a younger generation that can learn from you. 

4. Career Path

Another reason to get into teaching has to do with the clear career path it provides. You will be able to take advantage of this career path to avoid getting lost or distracted along the way. A lot of other jobs may be dead ends or have an uneven career path that can cause you to lose your way.

5. Salary Benefits

When you sign up to be a teacher, you’ll have generous financial packages to choose from. While a new teacher may start at around £27,498, you can get as much as £8,000 more if you decide to complete your probationary year somewhere in Scotland.

Best of all, once you are fully registered, you can continue to increase your salary.

6. International Opportunities

A great thing about getting into teaching in Scotland is the ability to open doors to International opportunities. A lot of countries value teachers from Scotland. You will have a lot of international opportunities open up to you in various regions throughout the world.

7. Better Job Security

One of the best things that you get from getting into teaching is more job security. Unlike working in the private sector, you will have a guaranteed job for one year in a Scottish school once you graduate.

8. It’s Good For Families

By becoming a teacher, you will have your schedules aligned with other children in school. Because of this, it makes for one of the most convenient jobs to have if you have or plan to have children. Your holidays will line up perfectly with theirs.

9. Continue To Learn

There is nothing better than learning. As a teacher, you’re going to be asked questions daily about a subject you are passionate about. This is going to force you and encourage you to learn more about it. This can give you ample opportunity to research new topics and learn new things.