Reex – Baby Want To Future

Reex is a well-known French producer DJ who marked the year 2021, he was born in France in the region of the Normandy base, very early he was rocked by the electro circles, Reex is oriented in 2021 on the future House and Slap House.

What first got you into music?
It’s the fact that my father and my father-in-law listened to electro music I was rocked by EDM and house.

What skills have you learned that will help you in your career?
The composition of being able to arrange the parts of a music well also something that I had a lot of trouble at the beginning but I persevered, I try to improve myself as much as possible on the piano.

In terms of the overall composition, what is your favorite song and why?
For me it’s my title let me go because I made a mix of future house slap house and a chorus a little edm electro house the vocal that I used and really great I think this title was one of the compositions where I had the most pleasure.

What is your creative process like?
Generally, I like a lot to relax to walk looking at the stars when I am going to compose or do not find an idea and frankly I advise it because it helps me a lot.

Listen to his song exclusively on SoundCloud baby want to future a track mixing future house and electro house. And to know more about Reex don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @reexdj