Reina Subramanian has recently announced a new release: “dance on the moon”

Reina Subramanian has recently announced a brand new release called “dance on the moon.” This exciting new studio work feels like a truly one-of-a-kind achievement because it highlights Reina’s ability to continually rethink her sound and explore a broader range of musical influences. Listeners will experience hints of dream pop and electronic pop but also some elements of catchy modern alternative (such as the lush guitar tones) to make things even more edgy and distinctive.

The production quality is just as awesome as the passion and intensity that drives the performance, revealing Reina’s hard-hitting energy and personality as an artist. It is not always easy to combine instinctual musicianship with technical proficiency, but “dance on the moon” is a perfect example of how this is seemingly second nature for Reina!

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