Renee Young set to appear on WWE SmackDown Special Kickoff Show

WWE fans were treated with heartwarming news, it might not be as large as superstar returning, but a familiar face is likely to make her return into WWE. In a current statement, FOX disclosed that the former WWE Backstage Interviewer Renee Young would go home to co-host the pre-show on SmackDown! She’ll work together with Booker T on the event.

This information came as a significant surprise since many supposed that Young and WWE had well and perfect ways. But it appears that she will cover the event.

Renee just said goodbye to WWE during the kick-off series at SummerSlam in September. In a run of teary farewell movies, superstars thanked her for her personality and role for the business.

Young won’t directly be appearing as a backstage interviewer just like she was used to. She will now be working just as she used to at the pre-show.

Renee Young will even host a number of SmackDown’s Superstars that will emerge from time to time from the pre-shows. This usually means that she’ll have some light-hearted moments together with her friends she left not so long past.

Now that Young is coming, we can finally expect the game between her and Bayley to materialize. Even though Bayley is obsessed with a significant feud with Sasha Banks, she can fight Young at once, only for pleasure.

We do not know if Young will probably be straight making looks on SmackDown or perhaps seem backstage again. But it’s comfortable to know that she is going to be operating behind the scenes.

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