Richard Jellinek Simplifies Love with Upcoming Release “For Your Love”.

Richard Jellinek, an extremely talented musician and songwriter from the city of Warsaw, Poland has been on a streak lately in regards to dropping new music. He took a decade long break to focus on other aspects of life but he could not keep his distance from his one true passion which has always been making soul lifting songs. Although his preferred genre is rock, his songs have the potential to touch just about anyone’s heart. Whether you are into rock music or not, Jellinek’s music will most definitely draw your attention as it speaks about real emotions and feelings which we rarely find in today’s music. All his songs have always proved to be a work of art and we are certain that his next releases will be no exception! Because this Polish songwriter ensures that he pens down each verse of his songs with immense thoughtfulness and addressing real life problems is the top of his priorities. One really surprising thing about his work is he does not take away the original essence of that true 80s rock. He embraces that only with a little bit of a modern twist. Apart from all that sentimental goodness, his songs provide a direction to the listeners. They are not only motivating and inspiration but also packed full with relatable scenarios that most of us face at one point or another. Also, building a bridge to connect the listener and the singer is crucial in music making, it is clear that Richard is a prodigy in that sense.

In a latest update, Richard Jellinek revealed that he will be adding a brand-new track to his wonderful collection but passes because that is a top secret for now! After the release of musical gem Tyson Fury Gypsy King, his fans expect no less but luckily there is no chance with that prodigal mind, Richard will ever let his fans down! His last song was a real motivation booster as it followed the life of a famous boxer. It spoke about how he pulled himself out of the darkest times of his life. It really shifts the paradigm of the audience because as ordinary people, we do not always think that stars and celebrities go through same struggles that regular people do. That is however far from reality. That sing is a reminder that if Tyson Fury can make it out of the toughest times of his life so can people like you and me. That is the kind of encouragement we all need in our lives. It is nice to know that one can always turn towards Jellinek’s songs for the same. With all the history in mind, we can always count on him to drop top-notch music.

His upcoming release is said to be called “For Your Love” and it is indeed about all your love – Pun intended! Seriously though, the song is all about your love, your partner and your significant other. Like every typical Richard Jellinek song, you can expect an abundance of heartfelt emotions and creativity from this one. The theme of the song is plain old love which sounds cliché but Jellinek has managed to pull it off in the most heart touching way possible. If you have somebody in your life that you would like to tell how much they mean to you, look no further because with this song in his pocket, Richard has got your back! It is the most fitting song to let somebody you really care about, know what their place is in your life, how you would be willing to give up on everything for them and most importantly, how dull and dark your life will be without their presence. Even if you do not have a partner, this song will add a subtle sweetness in your life that we all need at times.

To make things even more exciting, Richard Jellinek has decided to release two versions of this song and the original version is a total 6-minute-long masterpiece! Yes, that’s right. The song goes on for a total of 6 minutes which is perfect because once you start listening; you would not want it to end anyway. To be completely real, the message behind this song is so deep it is nearly impossible to say everything you have to within the time limit of a regular song. Also of course, THE MUSIC! You cannot get enough of that hypnotic instrumental in the very beginning of the track. The first 28 seconds of the song do not contain any lyrics but the powerful instruments played in the song are enough to tell this one is here making a statement. It is almost like the song is speaking to you without even using actual words. As it progresses further and you get to the lyrics, you cannot help but notice how clearly the tune of the song represents the words and the message followed shortly after. The energy and vibe of the song is so high, it will instantly lift your spirits up and make you do the dance any euphonious song would. 

For Your Love is out for public to listen to since 20th August, 2021. The wait might seem long but it will be worth every second of it. It is the epitome of a real love song. Apart from having a catchy tune, it has the potential to deliver your feelings to your loved one when your own words fail to do so. It often happens to the best of us but songwriters like Richard make sure that you never shy away from expressing your true emotions. Therefore, it will be worth all the waiting. 

Until then, be sure to check out Richard’s other tracks on his YouTube channel. They give a proper understanding of the kind of music this man has been putting out to the world. A little warning for you: one you hit that play button, there is no going back! 

Here is the song link to to For Your Love music video on YouTube:

Here’s a link to Richard Jellinek’s YouTube channel: @RICHARDJELLINEK

To know more about Richard Jellinek visit: https://richardjellinek.com and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @richard_jellinek and Facebook @JELLINEK.RICHARD

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