Rising Hip-Hop Artist Tae $Kii Has Announced The Release Of His Third EP ‘Relentless’

Virginia native KEONTA, better known by his rap name Tae $kii, has made a strong presence in the realm by releasing a slew of compelling tunes over the last few years. He is a member of the group 5 am Mafia and is famous for creating conceptual music. Tae $kii is confident in his ability to achieve his goals by creating unique music with his exceptional talent and creative finesse. With the intention of making significant changes in the world through his powerful sound, the rapper is set to release his third EP, ‘Relentless,’ on October 31st.

‘Relentless’ majorly focuses on mental perception and is packed with concepts like achieving anything regardless of what others think or say about you. It is sure to pique listeners’ interest and inspire them to follow their hearts even when things get tough. Poised to make his mark in the music industry with his panache and distinct lyricism, he used his creative abilities and engaging sonic elements to shape the album. It is certain to leave a lasting impression of his exceptional personality and can-do attitude. Influenced by artists such as Drake, Travis Scott, and Future, fans can only expect feel-good sounds that will make them dance and bop their heads.

‘Relentless’ is now available on Spotify for pre-order. Follow Tae $kii on YouTube and Instagram to stay up to date on his upcoming projects.