Rita Ora Stuns Fans with Impressive Fashion Sense on Dubai Vacation

Rita Ora has been vacationing in Dubai, and her Instagram followers have been treated to a stunning photo dump showcasing her fantastic sense of style and impressive fitness regimen.

The 32-year-old singer has never shied away from showing off her toned abs and lean physique, and her Dubai trip was no exception. In one of the photos, Rita is seen wearing a beaded raffia miniskirt paired with a naked crop top, highlighting her chiseled abs. In another photo, she is in a string bikini and T-shirt, lifting the shirt to flaunt her washboard abs.

Image Credit: @ritaora

Rita’s dedication to her fitness regimen is evident in her photos. She has been working out with Jono Castano, who also trains Rebel Wilson. Castano is known for his philosophy of combining HIIT workouts with stretching and recovery exercises, and this approach seems to be working well for Rita.

In a recent video shared on her Instagram, Rita is seen doing Nordic hamstring curls with an exercise ball, followed by sprints on a machine that mimic sled pushes. Another photo shows her doing a chin-up with ease, flexing her well-defined muscles in the process.

According to Castano, Rita’s workouts are a combination of HIIT cardio training, upper body, and lower body exercises, with a focus on core training. This balanced approach ensures that she maintains overall fitness and wellness.

Aside from her impressive fitness regimen, Rita’s fashion sense has also been on full display during her Dubai trip. From crop tops to bikinis to knee-high boots, she has been serving up one look after another.

Rita’s trip to Dubai may be over, but her dedication to fitness and fashion is sure to continue. She is an inspiration to many of her followers, and her commitment to a healthy lifestyle is something we can all strive for.