Robin van Zijl (Wordgek) Started a new YouTube channel

Wordgek (Robin van Zijl) is 26 years old and comes from Zaandam. In 2020, the entertainer broke through the platform TikTok. In addition, Wordgek has been active as an artist and videographer for many years. Over the past decade, Wordgek has shot more than 300 video clips and added to its catalog. Besides delivering video clips, Wordgek also designed covers for singles and albums, his services have been delivered to not the least names: Dopebwoy, Jonna Fraser, Rasskulz, Bartofso, Yanno, Brace. The projects in which Wordgek participated have a total of more than 40 million streams/views.

After breaking through through TikTok in 2020, Wordgek is continuing this momentum on YouTube. At the beginning of 2021, Wordgek will start a YouTube channel on which he will publish funny content, challenges and vlogs. This channel already has more than a thousand subscribers within a few weeks.

TikTok remains Wordgek’s showpiece for the time being, given the millions of views and viral videos. Wordgek is a visual multi-talent, Robin also creates Instagram Filters & GIFS for large entities, which are viewed tens of millions of times and used hundreds of thousands of times. Many companies increase their engagement and reach in the social media landscape with this tool. The serial entrepreneur is not sitting still and will soon launch his own clothing line after much demand. Stay tuned!

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