Roger Federer Posed for Photograph on Crowd Request During Exhibition Game

The Swiss Great Roger Federer has once again proved that he is a crowd-pleaser. He was stopped by a fan for a photograph during his exhibition match against Alexander Zverev in Buenos Aires. Federer not only stopped for a photograph but also he gave the fan a thumbs up, along with gave various during-the-shot poses and ended up entertaining the crowd. 

The whole thing can be seen in a video that’s going viral on Twitter, in which Federer can be seen posing for the fan. 

The whole event took place after Zverev won the first set 7-6 and the second set score line read 1-1 and Zverev was about to start serving.

There is one more video that is going viral and that’s from their exhibition match in Chile. In which, a fan from the audience can be seen screaming “Te Amo Roger (I love you, Roger!)”. At first Federer did not understand but then acknowledged the fan.