Rose Campbell: An Inspirational Advocate for Wellness, Motherhood, and Lifestyle 

Motherhood is difficult at the best of times – with an ongoing global pandemic, five young children, and the subsequent threats and needs of both, parenting becomes a test of patience and strength. Social media is recognized for exclusively portraying highlights of one’s life: posed professional photographs, expensive vacations, and shiny smiles, all dressed in pretty filters. Rose Campbell, an influencer who focuses on motherhood and all it encompasses, illustrates an unfiltered reality on social media. Campbell is committed to portraying the authenticity of motherhood and pregnancy, using her own experiences and those she observed as a doula. 

Her enthusiasm for pregnancy and birth topics stems from her experiences as a mom. Rose is committed to improving mother mortality by promoting awareness of prenatal and postpartum diseases that are commonly misconstrued or disregarded. Rose’s high-risk pregnancies and five-year experience working as a doula have allowed her to collaborate with various maternity care organizations, including PPCM Fund Inc. She has traveled across the United States campaigning for women at events such as Texas AIM, Mom Congress, and others. She is the co-owner of The Stork’s Warehouse and its corresponding web series The Stork’s Nursery and works as an Content Creator/Influencer for Corralling the Campbell’s, with a combined total of more than 500,000 followers. Under Corralling The Campbells, Rose has hosted The Influencer Summit, influencers courses, and manages other influential Social Media Accounts. 

“I’m brutally honest about parenting. I don’t really see myself as an influencer. I post a lot of my everyday life with barely any filters. I also feel like people are fascinated by how many kids I have. I’m constantly being questioned in grocery stores about how I do it with so many kids.” Rose explains her admired approach to influencing. “People are constantly surprised by how young I am after they hear about the successful businesses I have run and the number of children I have!” She continues. Rose loves helping other women with their dreams of entrepreneurship. 

Perhaps Rose was always destined for motherhood and her subsequent advocacy for pregnancy, birth, and parenting wellness. “I became a mother at 18. I was young but I had always wanted to be a mother. Maybe that was because I was in foster care as a child but I knew I wanted to be a mother. With so many kids I have to remember not to get stressed about the little things in life.” 

Indeed, Rose’s forbearance and resilience are partially rooted in her early childhood. Rose was born to a teen mother who later became an addict; in fact, her journey to being an Abuse and Trafficking campaigner began with the abuse she and her mother went through before being placed in foster care. Rose volunteers with several organizations that support foster children as they attempt to resolve trauma such as the loss of a parent, physical and mental abuse, and more. Ensuring kids have birthday and Christmas presents is one of Campbell’s greatest joys.

In 2019, Rose collaborated with fellow birth professional Jennifer to establish The Stork’s Warehouse, a business that offers maternity and baby products for every stage of pregnancy. The small business also provided gifts specific to the three trimesters of pregnancy. “Our most popular products are our subscription boxes where you can select a different themed box to be shipped to you or someone special you care about each month. We also have several new gift boxes in the works.” Rose explains, “Most importantly, everything at The Stork’s Warehouse is mother-tested and doula-approved. We have hand-selected products that we feel parents would benefit from the most, and that would be of great value to them as they move through the various stages of pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.”

Rose spoke briefly about why she chose Jennifer as a co-founder for her maternity brand. “Jennifer and I are both moms, advocates, and birth professionals who met through the doula community. In our experience as birth pros, we both realized a portion of the services we were providing our clients included sharing recommendations for exceptional and quality products that fit our clients’ various needs throughout their pregnancy, postpartum, or breastfeeding experiences. We wanted to apply our real-life experiences to our new business and continue helping expectant and postpartum families. From there, The Stork’s Warehouse was born!”

Jennifer was immediately responsive to Rose’s request for partnership, having discussed a similar business endeavor with her husband for years prior. Together, Rose and Jennifer have created a business suitable for mothers of all ages that serves women at all different stages of their pregnancies. Rose has certainly proven herself to be a jack of all trades, balancing motherhood, entrepreneurship, work as a doula, and non-profit projects with this venture. Recently, Rose added another position to her list of expenditures with the Mrs. Woodlands Pageant. 

Rose is the current Mrs. The Woodlands and plans to compete in the 2022 Mrs.Texas Pageant. Mrs. America’s official state preliminary is the Mrs. Texas Competition. Mrs. America honors today’s married women’s accomplishments, composure, and personalities. In addition, Mrs. Texas will partake in the Mrs. America pageant, which will be broadcast nationally. At the Mrs. Texas Competition, Rose will participate in the interview, fitness, and evening gown categories. It will not only promote these women’s accomplishments, but it will also spotlight their beauty.

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