Ruby Yang on Her Newest Exhibition “Narcissist Echo”

Ruby Yang is best known for her poetic mix-media art style and incredibly creative executions. She describes herself as an “emerging artist” but has already gained a large amount of core followers. She has made many impacts in the artword so far, but has a few special moments. “I think my favorite moments would be when people see my works and they come to me and tell me they feel something. Often, they will exchange their stories. I value this kind of communication. I think they are really good experiences.”

Those core fans are amongst the many of whom are incredibly excited for her newest exhibition “Narcissist Echo.” The exhibition will be live from April 15 to May 8 2021 at Bergamot Arts Center in Santa Monica California. The exhibition is very special, being her first show since the pandemic. The exhibition statement was written by an Artificial Intelligence writing engine, setting the tone for the observers.“ It is a fictional short story. I want to let people feel instead of telling them how to feel or in what way they are going to see the works.” She said. 

As for the main show, “The name comes from a Greek myth “Metamorphosis” by Ovid. The show is about some thinking of love- Something you did you thought was romantic, but maybe it was just a narcissist echo. “ She collaborated with other artists on a series of fragmented mirror pieces that have equally fragmented fictional stories. “I wish through fragmented words and reflections from the mirrors; people can connect some experiences about their life.”

She will also have instillations with cinder blocks, chains, and engraved pebbles, but most importantly her own paintings will be highlighted. “I think painting itself is a bridge that connects me to the viewers,” she said. Honing on the themes of false love, narcissistic echoes, and allowing the audience to feel what they want to feel, she continues, “Making this body of work is also a self-reflection about love. By repeating myself day after day in the studio, I feel as if this was a punishment to myself, my ability and disability to love.”

 “Each work is a relief, a conclusion, a reflection.” To view more of her work and find when the best time is for you to see her newest collection, check out