Rumours of death of Zimbabwe Cricket legend Heath Streak are fake

There have been rumours circulating all over social media that Zimbabwean cricket legend Heath Streak has passed away. However, all these rumours are confirmed to be nothing but fake. The Zimbabwe Cricket legend Heath Streak confirms he’s fine and recovering from cancer.

“It is a total rumour and a lie. I’m alive and well.  I am very upset to learn that something as big as someone apparently passing can be spread unverified especially in our day and age of social media,” told Heath Streak to his writer.

The former Zimbabwe captain has been battling with cancer since May and is not on social media. Henry Olonga, Streak’s former colleague, announced earlier on social media about Heath Streak’s death. However, he later confirmed Streak was absolutely fine and apologized for his previous post. 

The legendary cricketer expressed his disappointment and said, “I am at home and obviously there’s still a bit of strain because of the treatment. But otherwise I am fine. Suddenly I get to know that people have started talking about my death, as someone shared it on social media. But that was not all correct. I am recovering and feeling a lot better…”